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Hello, enjoying the colors and textures you see on these pages? PJ recently discovered mulberry paper as a medium to create similar results. She is leaving the world of wool while discovering the nuances of mulberry paper and joomchi techniques. See new artwork PJ is creating as she continues to evolve and expand as a contemporary, abstract artist.

  • Connections, Network Tapestry™

  • Kitsune Detail, Glow Box™

  • Enchanted Forest, Network Tapestry™

  • Connections, detail, Network Tapestry™

  • Art on the Floor™ #3

In The News

Felt In Hand Contemporary Art

Looking for something different? Contact PJ for your next commissioned artwork. Original Abstract art is realized from a variety of motifs for large scale residential, commercial and public spaces. For example, each Network Tapestry™ is designed and fabricated to enhance an interior environment visually, while bringing balance and meaning to the space. Using the methods of traditional felt making, PJ begins each commission with an initial vision, resulting in a unique color scheme, shape and design. Or, consider the Layered Tapestry™ concept. It creates visual depth by "stacking" compressed swaths of wool felt. Here each layer combines different colors or hues, giving the tapestry a 3rd dimension of expansiveness, substance and texture.
Samples can be created for the client during the design process to ensure a proper “fit” to the space and sense of the finished piece. Total in-house control by the artist, from design through fabrication ensures client acceptance and delight with the installation.

Newly Commissioned Work – “Connections”

Interpreting the vision of each client, PJ designs and produces work that is
“tailor-made” to the intended interior space, complementing the desired mood and feeling. Transforming these inputs into a piece tailor-made for a large space involves every aspect of PJ’s lifelong textile and fiber background.

Using the natural and durable material of wool, hand-dyed in the studio, PJ creates contemporary art through the traditional method of Feltmaking.

"Designing and fabricating this tapestry speaks to me of how I build connections throughout my life. No matter how brief our interactions, the quality of our connections to others flows forward affecting our lives and the
lives of those around us.” - PJ

Curious to see the space where PJ creates her Network Tapestry™?

Illuminated Works

Also offered is a new series of Glow Structures™. Glow Boxes™ are contemporary wall hangings while Glow Tubes™ are freestanding installations. Both feature a combination of colorful felted wool and silk chiffon accented by pinpoints of cool LED lighting. Detailed information and photographs of all felt art designs by Felt In Hand are on display in The Collections.

Latest From The Blog
  • Working with papers made from the mulberry plant provides many attractions. A wide palette of colors keeps my visual appetite stimulated and trying new combinations.  It’s delightful to find the creation of “hills and valleys” of texture that come easily once the paper gets wet and is manipulated gently, rolling and “crunching” it. Consequently, the […]

  • Visualizing what PJ sees as her next challenges keeps her steps ahead in the studio, creating a new collection!

  • Commissioned artwork requires a deep trust between artist and buyer. PJ Bergin explains how she realizes a vision that can never be duplicated.

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Upcoming Events
  • Energy level at an all-time high in the Studio!

    PJ is busy creating new Felt Art for many shows and events coming up this summer.

    Feel free to visit the studio when you are in Salida. Watch the ancient process of hand dyed wool become Contemporary Art Tapestry and Art On The Floor™.
    Be sure to visit this space again soon to stay current on all the summer’s activities!

    And, next time you're headed to Salida ~
    Send PJ an e-mail or call to set up an appointment.

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